Tech Innovation Singapore 2017に出展

Tech Innovation Singapore 2017に出展

シンガポール「Tech Innovation Singapore 2017」に技術出展

2017年9月17日, 18日

シンガポール(マリーナベイ・サンズ)にて開催されたTech InnovationコンファレンスのUrban Solutions & Sustainability部門に,ハニカムLEDディスプレイを出展しました。


動画:Honeycomb LED Display Titler


大型LED ディスプレイには,これまで多くの消費電力や設置費用がかかっていた。自然界や生物に見られる規則正しい六角柱の形状を発展させることで,従来手法に比べ少ないLEDで面発光させる技術を開発し,大型LEDディスプレイの消費電力を大幅に削減することを可能にした。

簡便で低コスト・低消費電力なため,従来技術では実現が困難であった紙を用いてディスプレイを制作できる。ハニカム構造のユニークで堅牢なデザインや発色良く面発光する特徴を活かすことで,あ らゆる 応用 において新しい体験や存在感を与え 環境に優しく持続的な発展ならびにCO2削減にも役立つことが期待される。

Technology Overview:
Large LED displays generally require a lot of power and huge installation work . The LED displays we developed are composed of pixels based on a hexagonal pillar inspired by nature. We have designed the light emitting structure using a few LEDs to illuminate a wide area in the more efficiency way. Most of conventional LED displays use many LEDs, metal housings, cooling fans and require a large power source or power supply cart. Our design uses recycled paper for one of the materials of the display unit because of the very low amount of heat and energy required. The features of our display include a unique shape and robust design based on a honeycomb structure and a beautiful full color emitting surface capable of displaying very easily and exchanging advertising and decorating at low cost. In various applications, our display provides a new and impressive experience that is environmentally friendly, has sustainable development and reduce s CO2 emissions.

* Honeycomb LED display technology is currently applying for a patent.



Title:Low Power Consumption Honeycomb LED Display Made of Paper


・Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages








Our new honeycomb design offers making a large LED display with:

  • Low power consumption
  • Reduce development costs and running costs
  • Natural color light without strong light emission
  • Recycled materials (paper, synthetic resins, etc.)
  • Custom and flexible size and shape
  • Easy to setup







Potential Application:

The honeycombed structure LED display is applicable in:

  • Digital signage for commercial facilities, public authorities, and large stores.
  • Advertisement for office buildings, towers and hotels.
  • Decoration for brand stores, restaurants, small and medium sized stores.
  • Light source for plant factories, manufacturing lines.
  • Display for arts and events.
  • Customer Benefits


  • エネルギー消費の削減
  • 再利用可能素材の使用

Customer Benefits:

The honeycomb LED display contributes to sustainable development and reduce CO2 emissions in various fields.

  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Further Technical Information



画素サイズ:160mm~100mm(可変)/ 個



LEDパッケージ:LED 1個~6個

電圧/電流: 5V/60mA, 12V/120mA (LEDパッケージによる)



インタフェース: USB,WiFi,Bluetooth, DMX

<Specifications (under development)>

Pixel unit: Hexagonal pillar

Materials: Recycled paper, Synthetic resins, etc.

Size (Height x Width): 95mm x 160mm *adjustable for applications

LED Type: LED package module

LED Qty: 1pc, 3pcs, or 6pcs / package

Voltage: 5V / 1pc, 12V / 3pcs, 6pcs

Power consumption: 0.3 W/1pc, 0.72W/3pcs, 1.44W/6pcs

Area power consumption: typ. 10 W/m2 (only night use), typ. 52 W/m2 (indoor use)

View angle: > 140

Features: RGB full color addressable LED module

Video mode: Synchronous and Asynchronous mode (stand alone)

Interface: USB, Wifi, Bluetooth, and DMX can be controlled by PC


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